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 James Mitchell, Senior Investigator, Founder
James was born and raised in the Portland Metro area. He became interested in the paranormal after he and his family experienced paranormal activity in their family home that could not be explained. Ever since, the paranormal has become his passion. He began meeting and talking with various people in the paranormal community in which most of these people have become great friends. James feels this is the path that he was meant to be on.


Heidi Mitchell, Promotions / Marketing Manager / Investigator
Heidi was born in Milwaukie, OR and is a wife and mother of 4 adult children. Heidi became interested in the Paranormal when she filmed a video at home alone to post on Facebook about her weight loss journey.  After she played back the video she heard someone say her name 3 separate times throughout the 10 minute video! It was this event that sparked her curiosity into the Paranormal.

Summerlynn Conely, Investigator in Training
Summer is 24 year old married Mother of a 1 year old. She has been in the paranormal industry ever since she was 16 being a sensitive. She is able to talk to young children who have passed and are no longer here on this planet earth. She is good with communicating with the dead. She also has a strong and caring heart



Heat Scarlett Cannonbrassinne, Investigator

I have always had a exceptional relationship with spirits. My senses have been fine tuned to sense and receive those who have passed or feelings of what will come. I have assisted in several hauntings and have been trusted in building the collection for the Shang high tunnels museum. I have a long history of being connected spiritually with my ancestors and helping them find peace. I have traveled across states & Europe in search of the most haunted places  I have witnessed several spirits and been apart of several teams over the years, where we have investigated many locations across the states.

Mike Demaris, Investigator in Training

Mike is a very talented and independent contractor. Although he has never had a paranormal experience that he can remember, he is curious and with just a hint of skepticism. He has a keen eye for debunking distracting situations that would draw other investigators away from more authentic activities.

Dalena Garcia, Investigator in Training

Dalena is a personal support worker (PSW), a retired Licensed Massage Therapist and also a Christian Witch. There are more of them than most people think. She works with the incredible energies of crystals, herbs, candles and most importantly, Prayer. Helping people and freeing families from unwanted oppressive specters in their homes or places of work is our ultimate goals

Adam McLean, EVP Specialist
Adam McLean is a paranormal investigator from seaside Oregon. He has over 20 investigations including Alcatraz Island, Seattle , Portland and Astoria underground and many other locations in the north west. Specializing in EVP analysis, Adam considers himself a “skeptical believer”. Adam has worked with such paranormal teams as P.A.S.T. , central Washington paranormal and lover valley paranormal in Washington State.
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